Mike Canoy

Recent CS Grad from WWU

[email protected]


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, June 2017


SNER - Can use a variety of scikit-learn models for named entity recognition of Sumerian cuneiform tablets from the BDTNS or CDLI catalog.


MSH: Mini Shell - Shell with built-in functions, argument parsing, environment and special variable processing, scripting, piping, and file system traversal.

NLP Bioinformatics Project - Uses a scikit-learn decision tree classifier model to predict the secondary structures for a given amino acid sequence from the RCSB Protein Data Bank.

Piggy - A network data stream filtering tool with input/output TCP/IP connections with Telnet, Netcat, or other instances of Piggy. Display or enter network data that can be piped through external programs.

slack-topics - Slack bot that updates channel topics. Topics are sourced from sites like GitHub, Hacker News, Wikipedia, and more.

Languages & Software

Proficient: Bash, C, GDB, Git, Java, LaTeX, Python, Vim
Prior Experience: C++, HTML/CSS, MATLAB, Racket, SQL, Wolfram

Operating Systems

Proficient: Linux, macOS
Prior Experience: BSD, Windows


CSCI 491: Dulce et Decorum est - A blog for Senior Project 1 about sonnets and trenches. Originally posted at WordPress for Western.